Oklahoma day 11+12 / weekend (Micha)

This is our second and at the same time also the last weekend in our host families, unfortunately. Now we have been staying there for 11 days.

Well, on Saturday morning at 10 am a soccer game with all the exchange students - Americans and Germans - was planned at the Norman North soccer field. In view of the low temperatures not everybody came, but there were still about 15 people. Everyone had lots of fun, although the American students usually don't play any soccer, since this sport is by far not as common in the US as it is in Germany. It is a completely different culture with sports like baseball and American football.
So after having played exhausting soccer all of us went to IHOP to have breakfast. We ate some delicious pancakes and other good food. Then everybody went back home.
At 5 pm there was a Halloween party at Julia's house, a girl living in the neighborhood of my exchange student. We ate some snacks and when it was dark outside, we went into the woods to play scary hide-and-seek. We also watched a movie and finally we went home at 11 pm.

On Sunday, after having a good night sleep, we ate some donuts for breakfast, which is pretty different to a typical "German" breakfast, but also pretty tasty. We had a relaxed morning and in the afternoon we went to the Day of the Dead Street Festival at OU campus. 
For dinner we ate pizza at Volare pizza place at the top of the building with a great view over OU campus. For dessert we went to an ice-cream place. I ordered two scoops - expecting the same serving size as I know from Germany. But then I got so incredibly much ice cream that I almost couldn't eat everything. To get the same amount of ice-cream in Germany, I would have to order at least six scoops. Servings in the US are definitely bigger - no matter if burger, soft drink or ice-cream. 

To summarize it: the weekend was awesome!

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