Oklahoma day 17 / arrival at home (Tim)

The night passed very quickly because we flew along the earth rotation and so with every hour that went by the time on our clocks changed by two hours.
Most people on the plane were other Germans, mostly Swabians, which means that we almost felt like home. Just some of the students fell asleep this night and if they did they didn’t sleep for long. The entertainment program on the plane was quite good, therefore many students of our group watched some movies.
I just woke up from my two hour nap when breakfast was served, our first German-like breakfast in three weeks.
When we got off the plane only two suitcases were missing which had to stay in Atlanta with Mrs. Hiller and another student of our group.
At the airport in Stuttgart we received a pretty warm welcome from our families who were happy to see us after our great multi-faceted experience in the US. Lina's family brought fresh German pretzels for all the students and their parents!
The temperature in Germany was a little bit colder than in Oklahoma but it finally felt like being at home again.

 Nov. 4. :
This morning our last student arrived in Stuttgart, accompanied by Mrs. Hiller, the two missing suitcases and her passport, which was found and given to her in Atlanta.

Now we are all excited to meet our exchange students again in June when they come to visit us in Germany!

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