Oklahoma day 16 / departure (Marcel)

On this warm Thursday we needed to get up early because we met at the airport at 7.30 am so that we would have enough time to say goodbye to our American friends and host families. It was an emotional and sad moment, although we knew that this exchange had still not come to an end because we would see our exchange students again in June. We took the time to take farewell pictures with our host families and our exchange students and to express them our sincere gratitude for letting us be a part of their daily life. We also thanked them for letting us have a great time in their home country to an extent which will be difficult to surpass, but we will try our best when they visit us next summer. After having seen plenty of sights, gotten to know both an American megacity and a rather rural region of the US, experienced the American way of life and differences between their and our lifestyles, and after having found new friends, we boarded the airplane. It departed at Oklahoma City around 10.00 am for our first flight heading to Atlanta. Arriving at 1 pm after a flight of two hours at Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, a layover of around five hours gave us the opportunity to buy something to eat, relax and stretch our legs at the world's biggest airport before the longer one of the two flights from Atlanta to Stuttgart, which would last about nine hours. Unfortunately, one member of our group had lost her passport, which is why she and Mrs. Hiller couldn't fly with us. Hopefully they can follow us home soon! On our flight back home we could observe a beautiful sunset before flying into the night.

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