Oklahoma day 15 / Wichita mountains wildlife refuge + farewell dinner (Vivien)

Our last school day starts, but also our first school trip together. The Americans and the Germans.
After over 2 weeks it was the last day, the time passed away and nobody want to leave.
What a pity :(
We met like each morning in front of the German room in Norman North and drove together with one of these cool yellow school buses to the ... mountains.
A few of us wish the whole time we stayed in the US to drive once with one of these yellow buses like in the movies (I'm definitely included in these german students :)) but when we talked about this "dream" with the American students they never understood us and I guess they thought we were crazy.
For them the school buses are awful and disgusting, it's like at home, it's always the same.
But we were at the beginning super happy about the fact to drive with it.
After about an half hour we weren't as happy as much as before the drive. 'Cause it's a little bit uncomfortable... :)
As we arrived after about 2 h we stand between the popular "mountains".
I think you can say one of the differences between stuttgart, Germany and oklahoma, USA are diffenetly the mountains.
It was kind of really cute.
We drove with our bus to the holy city and to one top of the mountain. There the view was amazing, you can't imagine.
And we saw some prairie dogs♡. For lunch we stopped by a little bridge before we went to hiking.
It was my personal favourite part of the field trip besides the awesome view.
Our last station was in front of a lot of rocks were we climbed a little bit and tried to hike to the top. (Wasn't possible 'cause unfortunately we left to early)
After we done some group pictures, like each place we've went to, we drove back.
It was great and lots of fun.♡
In the evening we met again for pizza and bowling.
After about one round it was clear who is the talent in our GAPP group in bowling. These time it was Maggie she was great.
And then the day ended too early and we've leave the hall to met the others for the last time tomorrow at the airport but not everybody only a few family members. :(

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