Oklahoma day 14 / It´s Halloween

The big day has come. It`s Halloween! Although we already dressed up two times before the actual day of Halloween we were all pretty excited. But let´s start from the beginning.

Tuesday was another day at Norman North. We could choose any class we wanted to go to, so here is my schedule for the day: first lesson was Spanish, which was absolutely cool because I was beyond excited to hear the American students talk in Spanish and I wanted to compare an American Spanish class to a German one. In the end I realized that both are different from each other but neither of them are bad. I loved it.

My following classes were 'Marriage and Family', which is a subject we don`t have in Germany and thus it was very interesting. I also took 'AP Government and Politics' and 'Anatomy' in my host mum's classroom. Both classes contained a lot of new things and interesting facts.

The highlight of the day, at least for Lina and me, was definitely 7th hour. We were invited to media class to film the daily posted Morning Announcement of Norman North. Wow! We were a little nervous when we walked into the room with all the lights and the camera standing in front of us. In the end it all didn´t take too long. After filming the intro and the outro and reading some texts off the computer we were already done. We could tell that the media students were happy with how the announcement turned out, which made us happy, too.

But now more about Halloween:

Unfortunately there isn´t that much to tell about. Because, as I already mentioned before, most of us had already dressed up two times: for a birthday party on Friday and for the Spooktakular at NN on Monday. I guess that is the reason why not everybody really went out for Halloween. A few of us went trick-or-treating. My GAPP partner Chloe and I  were so tired that we decided to stay home and open the front door for the little ones. That was fun!

I remember how I always imagined Halloween in the US being the biggest thing ever, but yet here we have another example that proves that both our worlds we live in are not that different from each other. Our point of view just needs to be opened more, we need to open our points of view more, we have to be willing to learn about other countries and cultures and in some cases we experience something completely different to what we´re used to and sometimes, like in that case, we will find out that not everything that is geographically far away is that far away in the way of thinking or celebrating.

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