Oklahoma day 10 / Norman North + Presentations (Judith)

This Friday was extremely windy and cold day in Norman, compared to the sunny and warm ones we had the days before. 
The German GAPP students met before 1st hour to talk about different things and the upcoming days. It was the second day of giving our presentations at Norman North High School. As on the first time, we talked about Stuttgart, German culture und traditions, music and many other typical German things. At the end of every presentation, we answered lots of questions of very many interested students, especially about the German school system and school life, our personal interests and hobbies, and many other things. 
We also had good conversations about the differences and similarities at Norman North and the DBG. In the morning of that day, two of our German GAPP students, Marisa and Lina, gave an interview to the media class. They talked about Germany, about stereotypes and differences between Germany and the US. When we didn’t have to give our presentations, we went to different classes and experienced “normal” American school life. For lunch break we stayed in school or went together off campus, before giving more presentations in the afternoon. 
We really appreciate the opportunity to give presentations at NNHS and getting into contact with other American students. They have been really interested in our presentations and other things we talked about. 
After that long, but really interesting and cool day, we left school at 4 pm. In the evening, most German students spent time with their host families, for example when going out for dinner, such as I did. Around 7 pm many GAPP students met at Emily’s house. We had a great time playing games, listening to music, talking and eating. 
We experienced another amazing week in Norman, filled with many experiences. And now we’re all looking forward to the upcoming weekend in our host families.

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