Oklahoma day 9 / National weather center + OU campus (Lina)

On Thursday, we all met at school a bit later than usual with the others. When we drove to school, it was freezing cold again. Our exchange students went to their classes as usual, and we were about to go visit the Oklahoma University. It was only ten minutes to drive by car and we were driven by parents. First we visited the National Weather Center, where we had a guided tour given by a senior student. She led us through the different sections, and we were even able to look into the rooms where the meteorologists work. There were so many monitors with different simulations or satellite pictures on it. She also explained how a tornado forms, what impact it may cause on the city and the people if the tornado did actually it.

Even though the Weather Center is on University campus, we still had to drive to the center of campus by bus to get to the restaurants for lunch. We split up in small groups to go have lunch and we had to choose between plenty of different restaurants there. In the end, some of us went to Hideaway Pizza or to a really good pasta restaurant! After lunch we all met again and the weather was getting warmer and warmer and the sun was shining bright. We could even walk around in T-shirts! We went back to campus again, where we got another guided tour by a really nice student. She showed us around the main parts of University and we also went into some of the older but still nice looking buildings. In the end she recommended to study at Oklahoma University, and who knows...maybe one day, someone will come back to Oklahoma later to study here!

After this really impressive tour, we had some free time to look around on our own before we got picked up by the parents again. We got back to school at about 3:30 pm, so we had to wait for our partners. Today Meggy (Maike's partner) invited us to her house to hang out and play games. It was a lot of fun to drive there with a whole bunch of people in the car listening and singing to music. Almost all the students went there together with their exchange students, and we had a lot of fun playing card games together. But then everybody was still pretty hungry from the day, so we went to Hideaway Pizza to finish off the day with a delicious dinner - as always of course! After this exciting day we all went home really tired, but also had had a fulfilling day and mad lots of new experiences.

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