Oklahoma day 8 / field trip to Chicasaw Cultural Center (Bekki)

After we had breakfast with our host families the German GAPP students met at Frau Rex’s room at 8:45 while the American students went back to their classes. Some host mothers drove us to the Chickasaw Cultural Center. The topic of our school-trip is “comparison of our realities now and then” and we were now ready to learn more about the past of Oklahoma.

When we got there the tour guide lead us through the beautiful park and showed us how the Chickasaw used to live and what their traditions used to be.


We went on a short walk through the Center and took a nice picture on a little bridge. Afterwards the Chickasaw showed us how they celebrated and told stories to their kids based on dances and songs which they performed around a fireplace.

We all enjoyed watching this and a few people joined in to dance with them.


Then it was time for lunch which we had in the cafeteria of the Cultural Center. Our guide served the food that the Chickasaw had eaten in the past.

Once we were done with lunch we were allowed to watch a short film about the past of the Chickasaw and how they fought against their enemies.

Then we decided to visit the museum of the Cultural Center where we got another guided tour. We could see the different weapons and tools they used.

When we all were tired due to the long trip, we went back to school at 4:00pm. I was picked up by my exchange student Ellie to drive home with her mother and her siblings.

Me and my host family first ate burgers at Braum’s, then after that we went to Oklahoma City to watch the basketball game of OKC’s national team which is called “Thunder. They played against the team from Indiana called the “Pacers”. It was an awesome match and super entertaining. In the end the Thunders won the game 114-96. It was a great day full of good experiences.

The other students spent their time in their host families too. Some went to the Halloween store to get a good costume and some just stayed at home and watched a film or did something else.

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