Oklahoma day 7 / Norman North day + presentations (Julian)

On our sixth day at Norman North High School we were giving our presentations that we had been preparing for the last few months. Me and my partner for the presentation, Rebekka, were talking about German music and the reactions were great. The students were really interested in what we had to say and they seemed to enjoy the music we played them. After we finished our first presentation of the day in Ms. Hunters class, we got to hang out with Noodles, the class room snake. While I was busy in school, my exchange partner Gerick Smyth was at a  contest with the Norman North High School Marching Band where they were rated with a 2, which is extremely good! During lunch break I ate at Chipotle with some of the seniors and after we got back we continued with our presentation. The last presentation of the day was at Mr. Boses human geography class, where we spent the rest of the hour answering his students‘ questions about Germany. When we were done with that we all met at the German room of NNHS to listen to a guest speaker who taught us a lot about Native American history. Afterwards we went to practice baseball with the  boys of the NNHS baseball team who taught us the basics of baseball. It was a lot of fun and we were suprisingly good at it as well! When school had finished Gerick was still at the contest so I went Halloween shopping with a friend who showed me the mall. There were many interesting shops and we had a lot of fun! We even went to a special Halloween store, that was very interesting as well since we don’t really have those in Germany! When both of us had bought what we needed she dropped me off at the school where I met Gerick and his friends from band again. After we had dinner with them I went home again and we spent the rest of our evening watching TV because both of us were very tired. After all it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the day a lot!

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