Oklahoma day 6 / Cowboy and western heritage museum + Oklahoma City (Maike)

On October 23 we went back to school after the first exciting weekend with our host families. 
After overtime with our Group we met at 9:00 am at Norman North High School. After everyone arrived we went to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. 
We went to the Museum in cars, which were driven by some of our partners’ parents. At this point we would like to say thank you to those parents. 

We were all really excited to explore the museum, which was about Western art, history, and culture. We also got a guided tour, which was given by a nice Native American lady. She explained some beautiful paintings to us, and told us some interesting facts about the cowboy and Western heritage of the United States. 
After our guided tour we had the chance to buy some souvenirs at the museum shop. Some of us Made Good sie of that chance and bought something for our families in Germany. 

After that interesting and informative visit at the museum we finally made it to Oklahoma City. 
We had the chance to visit the Devon Energy Tower. It was built in 2012 and is now the tallest skyscraper of Oklahoma City. 
Devon Tower has a height of about 259 meters. 
We were all pretty excited about going to the top of the building because some of our exchange students said that we were going to have an amazing view over Oklahoma City. They were right, we DID had an amazing view. 

We came back to school at 4 pm and everyone went home after a long, exciting day. My exchange partner and I ate dinner and drove home. We were both really tired so we went directly to sleep.

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