Oklahoma days 4 + 5 / weekend (Marla)

This was the first weekend in our host families. My Saturday morning started with a typical American breakfast with eggs, bacon and toast. After a really filling breakfast I went to Elly’s house, where Lina is staying right now. We, all the girls together, drove to Walmart to get some pumpkins which we carved later at Sarah Boone’s house. It was a lot of fun for the Germans, because the last time I can remember carving a pumpkin was probably over 5 years ago. Before we carved the Jack O‘Lantern we baked some typical American cookies with, of course, a lot of sugar at Elly’s.:)

It was amazing to join in all the American traditions they do for Halloween.


The highlight for all of us probably was the tornado in the evening of that wonderful Saturday. We, some Germans and Americans together, tried to watch it, but unfortunately we weren’t able to see anything. It was kind of a pity but it was still dark and it rained a lot. Although we couldn’t see anything it was a great experience for all of us!


My Sunday morning started kind of late with a little trip to Walmart again. Emily, my GAPP partner, and I bought some groceries for breakfast and stuff for characteristic American sandwiches.


After this we went to the Sooner Mall and a little shopping center in Norman, for some shopping, where we almost stayed the whole afternoon. We visited shops like Victorias Secret, Pink and all the stores we don’t have in Germany.


For dinner the Turner family took me to the Golden Corral. It was an all-you-can-eat restaurant with any kind of food you could imagine! I don’t think anybody will ever leave this place hungry.

On our way back home they showed me the OU campus and some beautiful places in Norman. I just realized that Norman isn’t as small as I thought it was.

Thank you for this amazing and impressive weekend I had!

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