Oklahoma day 3 / adopt a German (Nikolas)

After we had a quick breakfast we went to school at 8:30. When everyone had

arrived we took a group photo. It looked great because everyone was wearing the

“GAPP T-shirts”.

We had a short review with our teachers how everything is going in our families.

Because we already went to the classes with our partners on Thursday we had

the chance to go to other classes with other students, this was called “adopt a


Our first class was different to others because we had the chance to listen to a

Veteran who received the medal of honor and came from Oklahoma.

For our second class we had English and our third class was US History. After

that we had lunch at “the Garage” which is a very good burger restaurant. After

we ate our cheeseburgers we had to go to class again, film as literature was

next. That was probably the coolest and easiest class, because we were watching

“Guardians of the Galaxy” and for homework the students had to write a short

essay about what they have liked or not liked about the movie. Then we had

Anatomy and at last German.

All the classes were very funny because the American students had many

questions about Germany and the German life and we met new people.

After school, Sara and me again, went home and ate some noodles while we

were watching “Friends”. “Friends” is a classic American series so Sara and her

mother told me that I had to watch it.

In the evening we met some friends and went to the football game. Norman North

High School played against Owasso High School. Even though they lost the game it

was still fun to watch and the students were a great and loud audience. Between

the second and third quarter all the Germans and their American partners went on the field.

After the game we ate some tacos at “Taco Casa”. And after a long and

exhausting day we drove home and went directly to sleep.

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