Oklahoma day 2 / Norman North High School (Moritz)

Our first day at Norman North started with a meeting in the German room. We were given a warm welcome with a big gift bag including a GAPP exchange t-shirt and other things related to Norman North High School. After that we went to the library and met the principal Dr. Liesenfeld, whose welcome speech made us beam. It was really special. 
We got a small tour through Norman North later. Then we just shadowed our partners in their lessons. We started with German, then we had to go upstairs for World history. After that it was lunch time and we went to the cafeteria and got some food there. 
The next lesson was English, where the students had to do a quiz, follwed by debate and last but not least we had Chemistry. 
School ended at 4.05 pm and the parents picked us up and we went to Sam´s and Dairy Queen´s and got some ice cream there. Then we went home, had some time at the house before we had dinner at a Chinese all-you-can-eat restaurant.

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