Oklahoma day 1 / arrival and welcome dinner (Micha + Daniel)

Today was our last day in Chicago, but also the first day with our partners of the Norman North High school. We had to say goodbye to all of the amazing things in Chicago, to the hostel, the Bean and the breathtaking skyline. At quarter past nine we gathered in the lobby, all dressed and with packed bags. We walked to the Blue Line station "Jackson" and drove all the way to O'Hare. After checking in and dropping off our luggage, we got to the security check. All went well until Pascal's bag got checked.  The poor guy was stopped, because they had apparently discovered something in his bag, tough luck. But they let him go just in time, so we didn't miss our flight. First to Detroit and then from Detroit to Oklahoma City. It was just awesome when we saw the Americans with their welcome signs for us. As we walked towards them, they started cheering and waving their signs, it was just brilliant. We almost forgot to get our luggage because we couldn't stop talking. We had time to drive to our partner’s homes and unpack. Afterwards, we drove to Maggie Ashbaker’s home for a welcome dinner. Miss Rex and our teachers Miss Hiller and Miss Grüner got to introduce themselves. We gathered and formed a circle, then Miss Rex introduced herself and told us how much she was looking forward to this partnership. After that Miss Hiller talked about how she got into touch with Miss Rex and thanked all the Americans for this partnership. We all were really excited about meeting each other. Unfortunately, the dinner was over before we knew it.

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