Chicago day 4 / museum of science and industry + free time (Lina + Judith)

We startet our last full day in Chicago as usual with a breakfast in the hostel. Our night was really good because we Gas adapted to the American time really well, so we didn’t wake up at 4 am like in the first night. When we stepped out of the hostel, we had to put on our sunglasses because the weather was amazing again. Our way to the Museum of Science and Industry was harder than we thought because it took us a while to get tickets for the bus. In the end we arrived a bit later than planned, but safely at the museum. We were all really excited to explore the different parts of the museum. It turned out to be really interactive, and we could try out a lot of things, like for example how different kind of storms develop, or how machines developed during the last centuries. You can compare it to the „Deutsches Museum“ in Munich. We were also very surprised that there were even mentioned some historical facts about Germany. Unfortunately, we couldn’t discover all the sections because it was huge and we wanted to use the rest of the day for other things, so we met at 2 pm outside the museum.
we drove back downtown and left the bus at the Water Tower shopping center. There we had time on our own to do what we still wanted to in the city. Some of us went to the Lake Michigan and took pictures at Oak Street Beach, the others went shopping straight away. After a fulfilling day we met back at the hostel and already started packing our suitcases because we would leave the hostel the next morning. We are all sad to leave such a beautiful city, but we are also really excited to finally meet our partner students in Oklahoma tomorrow.
Judith, Lina

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