Chicago day 3 / Navy Pier + Willis Tower (Julian + Rebekka)

The third day started at 8:45 am when we met our teachers in the lobby of our hostel. Once everyone had arrived we got the information for the scavenger hunt we would so in the morning. We split up into groups of three and had about three hours to answer some questions about Chicago. To answer the questions we had to walk through the city and interact with the locals. One of the tasks was to take a picture with a great view of the skyline. 

Once we were done we met again for a boat tour on Lake Michigan where we received more information about Chicago and, most of all, got some truly fantastic views of the skyline. When we had solid ground beneath our feet again we walked an hour to the Sears/Willis tower where we visited the famous Skydeck. From up there we could see the whole city and took some amazing photos 

After the Skydeck we had a lot of free time. Some of us went back to the hostel while others visited the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago and bought souvenirs. Afterwards most of us went to an Italian restaurant because we were sick of all the fast food while another group went to the planetarium again to take pictures of the skyline at night.


Julian, Micha

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