Chicago day 2 / church service + tour in the loop (Marla + Maike)

We started our second day in Chicago very early. Most of us woke up at 4 am. The jet lag had hit us pretty badly. 
After a small breakfast, we went to a church near the hostel. The service was typical for the United States and it was very different to a "normal" German service. 

The building was definitely awesome, the service took place in the Auditorium Building, a former opera house and now a theatre. 
After attending church we had a little lunch break. The afternoon was filled with an interesting city and sightseeing tour. Our guide showed us some pretty places and buildings of Chicago, for example the Cloud Gate, a big sculpture in the shape of a kidney bean made of stainless steel plates, which is also called the Bean. 

The perspective from which you look into the Bean is important because you can see yourself in different spots on the Bean, beneath the bean the reflexion is magnificent. 

In Millennium Park, where the Bean is placed, we also went over a huge bridge to a playground for young and old people.

We learned a lot about Chicago today because the guide told us a lot of historical and impressive information about the "Windy City".

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