Chicago day 1 / flight and arrival (Nikolas + Moritz)

Our school trip started at terminal 3 of the airport in Stuttgart at 7:30 am. Everyone was excited. We checked in and passed the security-check. Our first flight was a very short one, from Stuttgart to Amsterdam. 

When we arived we had to hurry to catch our next flight. We boarded a Boeing 747-400. The start was pretty much like usual and after a view hours had passed, we had an amazing view over Greenland. 

The rest of the flight was boring as normal flights are. Finally we arrived at O`Hare International Airport in Chicago. We passed the border control and waited for our baggage. All got their suitcases, just Pascal couldn`t find his one. So he went to the airline and they said that they would send the suitcase to the hostel we would stay at. Then we tried to get to the blue line, which wasn´t that easy to find. So after a couple of minutes we got there and went in. 
When we got off the train, it was raining like crazy, and we where speaking wet. We arrived at our hostel and got into our rooms.

After one hour we met again and went to a restaurant where we wanted to eat pizza. We had to wait 45 minutes in front of the restaurant while a thunderstorm was going on. Finally we got seated and ate some delicious Chicago-style pizza. It was a pizza similar to a kind of cake with some meat and cheese all over the pizza. It was a different style, but tasted really yummy.

When we walked home to the hostel, we were very tired because of the jet lag and everybody fell asleep very fast.
A very long day came to an end and we all were happy that it had gone that well. Just Pascal was kind of unhappy about his first flight and the fact that he had not gotten his suitcase.

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